Garage Door Installation


Your garage door is a vital piece to the puzzle of your home’s safety and security. It could be the weak point that burglars use to breach your home’s security. Or you can make it impregnable to any unauthorized access. You got all the cards on the table and your best bet is having your garage door installed or replaced by the real experts. At Elite Garage Door Repair we take pride in being the peoples’ favorite choice when it comes to all garage door services. We have a long list of satisfied and loyal customers. We are making lots of our business through word of mouth. We are the ultimate service providers for any garage door problem.Why trust us with your garage door installation and replacement We know that you will be spoiled for choice when choosing a garage door replacement or installation company. The experts are many, but only a handful can deliver a great job. Lucky for you, Elite Garage Door Repair has made a name for ourselves and we are the obvious choice any day.


are our mainstay services. We know this job better than our hands’ palms. You
can never be in better hands than with us.

  • We emphasize on quality parts. We will get you the crème-de-la-crème of garage door parts.

  • A wide range of services. We are not only going to install and replace your garage door, we can do everything you need. We are a one-stop shop for all garage door needs.

  • Whatever type of door you need, you will get exactly that. Our technicians have seen and done it all; throw us any challenge and we will pass with flying colors.

  • We are easy to work with. Our customer-experience record is out of this world. You will not complain about a thing.

Our promises for your garage door installation or replacement.

We are ardent keepers of every promise we make. We earn business through references and we always make sure each customer leaves satisfied with a promise to come back.

We promise:

  • To work within your budget. We understand that you are working on a budget. We will go out of our way to remain within the confines of your financial muscles ·We will not put you under pressure with unorthodox

    marketing tactics. We let you make your choices while offering honest and smart advice when you need it

  • We will meet your deadline. Whenever you want your door replaced or installed, we will not be a minute late.

  • To do everything right from your backyard. You do not need to come to us; we can come to you instead. With our remote services, you do not need to trouble yourself with logistics.

  • To use quality parts on your door. Our topnotch experts will do everything to exceed your expectations.


Do not let amateurs make a joke out of your garage door installation or replacement. Come to the pros and you will not regret a thing. We give you the peace of mind you deserve. Once we are done, your garage door’s safety and security will be invincible. You will count years before your door gives you any problem. Give us a call now and be done with your garage door project once and for all. Our services and parts are elite, just like our name.


A Technician will visit your home to re–measure everything and confirm all of your specifications – color, style, options, etc.


We will ask that you clear out all items from the work area, secure your pets, and assure clear access for Technicians. The Technician Leader will make sure you understand the entire process before work begins.


Our door installation Technicians will clean up the installation site inside and outside, and haul away all job–related debris.


We will do a walkthrough with you, to assure your complete satisfaction. We will show you all the characteristic of your new replacement door.